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Monday, February 27, 2017
  Upcoming Programs       
  Cheese with Food Science Club!!! - Posted by Peter Cha at 12:47 AM
  47 Things: Clippers Vs New York Knicks - Posted by Denise Machin at 10:15 AM
  THE ESSAY AS RESISTANCE - Posted by Lucia Ruan at 11:06 AM
  Economics Colloquium: Abhijit Banerjee (MIT) - Posted by Yashna Nandan at 2:16 PM
  TSL is Hiring Writers! - Posted by The Student Life at 2:25 PM
  Buy First-Aid Kits to Support The IRC - Posted by 5C Red Cross Club at 3:05 PM
  5C LEGO THEME-OF-THE-WEEK: SPACE! - Posted by 5C LEGO at 4:04 PM
  Shaolin Kung Fu Drop-in PE Class - Posted by Sara Gong at 5:21 PM
  Earn $$$ for participating in psych study - Posted by Kieran McVeigh at 7:58 PM
  Filipino Food Trip - Posted by Pomona Events Committee(PEC) at 8:44 PM
  NUTELLA BANANA CHALLAH and FRIDAY SELLERS - Posted by Claremont Challah For Hunger at 8:52 PM
  General Announcements       
  OLC, 3/6, ' Border Patrol Nation....' - Posted by Oldenborg Center at 2:23 PM
  Blood Drive TODAY! - Posted by Aparna Chintapalli at 2:44 PM
  OLC, 3/7, 'Evolution of Domestic Worker ...' - Posted by Oldenborg Center at 2:46 PM
  CALLING ALL LANGUAGE LEARNERS!!!! - Posted by Oldenborg at 7:11 PM
  Draper Center: Course Survey - Posted by Kevin Ward at 8:42 PM
  Applications / Opportunities       
  Apply to PSU!!! - Posted by Aparna Chintapalli at 2:48 PM
  Lost & Found       
  No messages in this category for Mon., Feb. 27, 2017.
  For Sale / Wanted for Purchase       
  Not using your car during spring break?? - Posted by JL at 8:02 PM
  Scripps Residence - Posted by Kyla Smith at 8:36 PM

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